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Development Around Dry Drayton


Dry Drayton Parish is in an area of Cambridgeshire that is blessed with considerable development in the near future.


Along the A428 Road to the West of the Parish, more homes are being built at an already expanded Cambourne, more are planned at Bourn Airfield. Meanwhile a new town, Northstowe, is being built just North of the village. Details of this develoment can be seen on the developer's website for the place.


Northstowe is linked to the Guided Busway which runs on the roads from Huntingdon to St Ives, then along the route of the old Cambridge to St Ives railway line and onto the roads again in Cambridge. Justification for building the busway was to to relieve the traffic problems on the A14 road. However, now the busway is in use it has been used to justify further development at Northstowe and other points along its route.


A14 improvements are also progressing and due to finish late in 2020. The road improvements will remove the Dry Drayton interchange on the A14 and villagers will then have to travel further to join the A14 at either the Girton or the Bar Hill interchange.


East of Dry Drayton, in what was the Cambridge Green Belt, The University of Cambridge is developing Eddington, a massive new site to the North West of Cambridge between Huntingdon and Madingley Roads.


Consultation is taking place on a replacement for the Madingley Park and Ride car park and for improvements to the route from Cambourne to Cambridge. Some options place the new park and ride close to Dry Drayton. Consultation is also taking place about a proposed East West rail link from Cambridge to Oxford, some options have a track close to Dry Drayton.


Development in the Village of Dry Drayton has in recent years been developer led. The local authority development plans and policies have been found not to have followed government requirements for housing provision, rendering development control ineffectual.


If you want to see current and past local planning applications, these can be found here on the South Cambs website. You will also find reference to planning applications on the Dry Drayton Parish Council's website in their minutes.