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Dry Drayton Letterboxing Clues


Please note - accessing some of the letterboxes listed below may have an element of risk from the usual hazards of the countryside. Accessing all these Letterboxes is at your own risk. If you are going for the Dry Drayton Grand Slam and trying to visit all the local letterboxes, please note that we have not listed these in any particular order. It would be very helpful if you carefully conceal the letterboxes where you find them, for the benefit of later visitors. We hope you enjoy the Dry Drayton Letterboxes.


Letterboxes were placed in 2005 and were last checked in March 2007, when it was found that a number were missing in action. We are now in the process of tucking away extra letterboxes.

Owl Box
OS Sheet 154, Explorer 225, TL.381.623. From the Northern end of this footpath, 90p along the path traveling SE. On the North side look for a pole with power lines. Two guy wires from this post end in yellow and black markers. 2p N, the box is behind an ivy covered tree stump. Update 25/3/2007 - this box is now missing


Fox and Badger box

OS Sheet 154, Explorer 225, TL.380.618. From the large gate, 26p South on the footpath. Look left. The box is inside a tree that was long ago in an avenue leading to a house belonging to the Duke of Bedford. Update 25/3/2007 - this box is now missing


Chicken Box

OS Sheet 154, Explorer 225, TL.381.625. This box is beneath the sign that shows where the allotment holders go in the event of a fire. 25/3/2007 - still in situ


St Giles Box

OS Sheet 154, Explorer 225, TL.376.619. Take 135 p along the Childerley footpath from Scotland Road and you will find that although opposite the pavilion, the St Giles box can only just see the cricket. It's in the ivy on the top of a tree stump.


Box Five

OS Sheet 154, Explorer 225, TL.381.620. On this street corner there is a rusting old disused gate hanging from its hinges. Standing in the road in front of the gate take 12p towards the nearest phone box. On your left reach up into a fork of the ivy covered tree to find the box. Update 25/3/2007 - this box is now missing


Box Six

OS Sheet 154, Explorer 225, TL.383.619. In Park Lane a footpath starts from a style opposite Duck End Farm. The box is in the ivy on top of a stump 6 feet N of the style. Update 25/3/2007 - this box is now missing


Box Seven

OS Sheet 154, Explorer 225, TL.385.624. From the Pettitts Lane end of this path take 178p SE. On your right a stream ends - 2p further you will find the goose box buried under a small limestone rock beneath a bush. 25/3/2007 - this box is still in situ


Box Eight
OS Sheet 154, Exporer 225, TL.386.622. Starting from the Style on Oakington Road, walk south east along the Girton footpath. You will find this box sleeping under the sleepers.

Update 25/3/2007 - this box is now missing

Dry Drayton footpath, a letterbox is nearby


Box Nine

OS Sheet 154, Explorer 225, TL.375.620. Biggles is in his box on the Pathfinder Way, guarding a bridge, beneath what looks now like a yellow circle.


Box Ten

OS Sheet 154, Explorer 225, TL.375.613. After crossing the new footbridge on the East side of the road to Scotland, look under the large tree to your right - the lamb box is under a discarded beer crate.


Box Eleven

OS Sheet 154, Explorer 225, TL.393.619 As the Girton footpath approaches Beck Brook find a marker post with a couple of arrows. The swallow box is under a section from the trunk of an insect bored tree on the ground beside the post.


Box Twelve

OS Sheet 154, Explorer 225, TL379.613 Traveling South on the Hardwick footpath there is a post where a second path joins from the West - take this other path a few yards to a bridge over the brook. Beside the brook, 12 paces South, the box is between the trunks in an extraordinary tree with eight trunks. 25/3/2007 - this box is still in situ


Box Thirteen



Box Fourteen



Box Fifteen



Other Nearby Letterboxes


There are clues to other boxes in Cambridgeshire and Norfolk here