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Dry Drayton Family History - Charlie Leslie Baker


Dear Webmaster@drydrayton.net

I do hope you may be able to put me in contact with anyone in Dry Drayton who may remember Charlie Leslie Baker, his wife Ada Mabel Baker, of 13 Pettits Lane, and their son David Baker who lived in the cottage/house ( no. 15 Pettits Lane,) next door.
I am researching my family History, and Charlie Baker was my father's uncle. I believe he was a carpenter by trade, and did work for the Cambridge colleges, amongst other local work.


He built a bungalow in Pettits lane, and he and Ada lived here, next door to his son David Baker, his wife Maureen, nee Pointer, with their children Amanda and Jeremy Baker, who lived in the adjoining original cottage ( No. 15 Pettits Lane ). I remember he had a large walnut tree, or trees, in the field at the back of his house, and used to give, or sell walnuts to people in the village.


Charlie and Ada and family in the field at the back of their property on the site that is now part of Baker's Field

I have looked on Google Maps, and I think that the bungalow Charlie built has now gone, and the land behind the original 2 homes has been developed into a small housing estate of nice looking homes, very much in keeping with the original Pettits Lane cottages, and this is called Bakers Field, named, I hope, after Charlie and Ada Baker

I would be very interested to see how, and when  this plot of land was developed from the original field. Who chose the name for the new road ? Perhaps someone may have photos of the original bungalow?

I would also like to trace some earlier history of the inhabitants of this house in Pettits Lane, as I think Charlie Baker's parents, William and Emily Baker, may have moved to Dry Drayton in the 1930/1940's period, from their home in Leicester.  I have pictures of them in the village, so they may possibly have lived in one of the cottages  in Pettits Lane, or elsewhere in the village, and possibly they may even have died in Dry Drayton, and be buried in one of the churchyards, as might Charlie, and Ada. Would anyone have any knowledge of any of their burial places?

This is a big ask, as there is a lot of missing information about these relatives that I am hoping to find. I haven't been able to trace a Dry Drayton Local History Society as such, so, if there is any way you can put my request out to local people via your very active website, I would be most grateful. I would love to be in contact with anyone who remembers Charlie and Ada, and who would take the time, and trouble to give me any information whatsoever.

Thanking you, and hoping to hear anything you may uncover about the Baker Family.

Yours sincerely

Gill Wright


If you can offer Gill any assistance, please contact her via webmaster@drydrayton.net