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No prizes, but how well do you know Dry Drayton?


1. Where was Meetinghouse Lane, Dry Drayton?
a)High Street, b)Oakington Road, c)Pettitts Lane, d)Duck End, e)Oak Crescent

2. In 1901 where was View Farm Dry Drayton?
a) View Farm Close, b)Rectory Farm, c)Cottons Field, d)Rectory Drive, e)Church Farm

3. Roughly how many separate households were there in Dry Drayton in 1939?
a)75 b)125, c)175, d)225, e)300 f)350 g)400

4. Which of these, if any, was not a Dry Drayton Pub?
a)Black Horse, b)Prince of Wales, c)Five Bells, d)Kings Head, e)Queens Head, f)Rose and Crown, g)Three Horseshoes

5. Where was the railway station which served Dry Drayton in 1900 ?
a)Bar Hill, b)Caldecote Highfields, c)Childerley, d)Histon, e)Cambridge North, f)Oakington, g)Bourn

6. Who was the businessman who owned Scotland Farm and View Farm, Dry Drayton and employed over 100 on his various local farms in 1900?
a)John Chivers, b)William Peck, c)Robert Sayle, d)Thomas Hobson e)Fred Crisp, f)Charles Searle

7) Where was the Dry Drayton Reading Room in 1914?
a)Oak Crescent, b)Duck End, c)The Black Horse, d)Park Street, e)Scotland Road f)Butchers Lane g)The Church, h)The Roberts Room in the Village Hall

8) Who once owned a Mansion House in the Park at Dry Drayton, which was demolished in 1817?
a)The Bishop of Ely, b)The Master of Kings College, c)Lord Burleigh, d)The Duke of Bedford, e)Lord Rothschild, f)The Abbot of Crowland

9. Who was the Rector of Dry Drayton who wrote "A History of the Parish of Dry Drayton" in 2 volumes published in 1876?
a)Samuel Smith, b)William Hetherington, c)Francis Walker, d)Richard Winkfield or e)Hugo de Waal

10.In what year was the official opening of Dry Drayton Village Hall ?
a)1918, b)1927, c)1946, d)1959, e)1967, f)1972

11. The Shepherds' Club, a mutual society, built its own clubroom in Dry Drayton for meetings around 1876. Where was it?
a)The Black Horse, b)The Queens Head c)The Village Institute d)The Methodist Church e)The Old Rectory grounds

12. Where was the Dry Drayton Windmill situated?
a)Duck End, b)Hill View c)Bar Hill, d)Scotland Farm, e)Madingley Road, f)Huntingdon Road g) St Neots Road



Dry Drayton Local and Family History















1 d)

2 e)

3 b)

4 d)

5 f)

6 e)

7 b)

8 d)

9 c)

10 e)

11 b)

12 f)