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Allotment News and Information

Dry Drayton allotments are owned by the Parish Council. Access is through the gate at the bottom of Pettitts Close.

Here you will find a haven of peace and quiet where the allotment holders plant, grow and harvest their crops.

All allotments are currently taken, but you can contact Graham Carter on 01954 780917 to join the waiting list.


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Allotment Links

Allotment links

National Allotments Society

Anglian Gardener - garden supplies in Cambridgeshire

Cambridge Allotments Network

Madingley Mulch

Oakington Garden Centre

Polhill - Coton Garden Centre


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Seed suppliers



Nicky's Nursery

Plants of Distinction POD Seeds

Robinsons - Mammoth seeds

Thompson and Morgan

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1. Rent shall be due on 30th September of each year. Rent, as fixed from time to time by the Parish Council, is payable one year in advance.

2. The tenancy shall be fixed (in writing) by the Council or Tenant on 30th September by 12 months' notice, except through death or other extenuating circumstances.

3. Allotment holders must comply with the marking stakes of the main centre path to maintain this path at the correct width.

4. Allotments are to be separated by paths at least 18" wide.

5. The paths between allotments are to be maintained by the allotment holders concerned, by mutual agreement, with no wire or other obstruction on or near the paths.

6. The allotment holder shall not cause a nuisance to others or obstruct the paths.

7. The allotment holder shall not sublet all or any part of an allotment.

8. Compost heaps should be situated away from paths and entrances to the allotments and, where possible, not offend neighbouring houses.

9. Allotment holders unable (for any reason) to work their plot should make every effort to stop weeds seeding or encroaching on neighbouring allotments. In case of difficulty, the Warden to be informed.

10. Keys for access to the water tap are available from the Warden. No hosepipes are allowed.

11. Allotment holders may burn rubbish on their own allotments, provided no nuisance is caused. No fire is to be left unattended.

12. Where a tenant constantly neglects an allotment, and complaints have been received, the Parish Council reserve the right to terminate the tenancy and pass the allotment to someone on the waiting list.

13. No livestock to be kept on the allotments.

14. Permission must be obtained from the Parish Council before a greenhouse is erected.

15. If allotment holders arrange for deliveries of manure, they must be prepared, if necessary, for the vehicle to turn on their allotment.

Clerk to the Parish Council

Warden: Graham Carter 22 Pettitt's Close (Tel: 780917)

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